Current Neo-Kantian Research

Current Neo-Kantian Research (Neukantianismus-Forschung Aktuell) is planned as a twice-yearly, brief publication with all the latest secondary and primary literature on Neo-Kantianism, from the Continent, England, and even with some US material. The website for the updates is in German, but many of the texts listed are in English (and French, and Italian).

The publication is edited by Christian Krijnen (Amsterdam), and contributors are: Fabien Capeillères (Caen / Paris), Arnaud Dewalque (Liège), Massimo Ferrari (Torino), Tapani Laine (Tampere), Sebastian Luft (Milwaukee), Dermot Moran (Dublin), Jacco Verburgt (Amsterdam), and Hartwig Wiedebach (Frankfurt/M. / Zürich).

Here is the link: http://neukantianismusforschung.googlepages.com/home