"Natorp's Foundationalism" in Liège, Belgium

Le fondationalisme de Natorp

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26 février 2009, Université de Liège

Infos et inscriptions: Arnaud Dewalque (a.dewalqueulg.ac.be) – +32 (0)4 366 55 92

9h Arnaud Dewalque (ULg): Priorité de la fondation objective dans la théorie natorpienne de la connaissance
10h Julien Servois (Université de Toulouse le Mirail): La fondation logico-transcendantale du nombre chez Natorp
11h Éric Dufour (Université de Toulouse le Mirail): La méthode de reconstruction de Natorp
12h Pause déjeuner
14h Robert Brisart (Facultés universitaires St-Louis): Sur la théorie de l'objet: Natorp vs Husserl
15h Denis Seron (ULg): L’objectif et le subjectif: Questions natorpiennes dans la théorie de la connaissance de Theodor Celms
16h Débat autour de la Psychologie générale de Natorp
17h Fin

Current Neo-Kantian Research

Current Neo-Kantian Research (Neukantianismus-Forschung Aktuell) is planned as a twice-yearly, brief publication with all the latest secondary and primary literature on Neo-Kantianism, from the Continent, England, and even with some US material. The website for the updates is in German, but many of the texts listed are in English (and French, and Italian).

The publication is edited by Christian Krijnen (Amsterdam), and contributors are: Fabien Capeillères (Caen / Paris), Arnaud Dewalque (Liège), Massimo Ferrari (Torino), Tapani Laine (Tampere), Sebastian Luft (Milwaukee), Dermot Moran (Dublin), Jacco Verburgt (Amsterdam), and Hartwig Wiedebach (Frankfurt/M. / Zürich).

Here is the link: http://neukantianismusforschung.googlepages.com/home


A note on Cohen in translation

A reader of this blog asked whether Kant's Theorie der Erfahrung or other philosophical works were available in an English translation. The answer is: no. The same reader (Thank you, Matthew Anderson) then provided a link to the French translation of the third edition (1918) of that work, published by Les Editions du Cerf (see http://www.editionsducerf.fr/html/fiche/fichelivre.asp?n_liv_cerf=5390). There is also a French translation of Cohen's commentary on Kant's First Critique (1918), but I would not recommend this highly either as an introduction to Cohen or to Kant. It is really too bad that the first edition of Kant's Theorie der Erfahrung or of Kant's Begründung der Ethik is unavailable in English or any other language, except in the German original. Any volunteers?