Review of Ezio Gamba, La Legalità del Sentimento Puro

Ezio Gamba, La Legalità’ del Sentimento Puro. L’Estetica di Hermann Cohen come modello di una filosofia della cultura. (The Lawfulness of Pure Feeling. Hermann Cohen’s Aesthetics as Model of a Philosophy of Culture). Mimesis Edizioni, Milan-Udine, 2008
352 pages. Euro 12.

Reviewed by Giacomo Leoni (Boston University)

In his 2008 book on the “lawfulness of pure feeling” (reines Gefühl), Ezio Gamba, Research Fellow at the Università del Piemonte Orientale, aims to demonstrate (as he explains in the introduction) how Cohen not only addressed aesthetic issues as such, but rather considered aesthetics as a foundational element in his theory of culture. Nevertheless, says Gamba, there has not been any study focusing on this aspect of Cohen’s philosophical thought. His study intends to remedy this lacuna in the study of Cohen.

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