The new Nicolai Hartmann Society

Founded in March 2009, the Nicolai Hartmann Society is a learned society bringing together scholars interested in Hartmann’s philosophy. The Society’s goal is to promote and foster the study of the philosophy of Hartmann, its situation in the history of philosophy, and its contemporary relevance. A temporary homepage of the Society was built (http://nicolaihartmann.blogspot.com). The page will provide a platform to host contributions on Hartmann, keep an updated bibliography of works on his philosophy, and advertize relevant events. The Society entertains a number of projects, among which is to organize “Hartmann conferences.” The first of these conferences shall serve as an occasion to inaugurate the Society. A mailing list is available to each member; it is intended to broadcast new information posted on the website, such as upcoming events. Membership subscription is provisionally free of charge. If you intend to become Member of the Society, please
click here to express your interest by sending an email to Roberto Poli..