Dieter Adelmann in memoriam

After a long period of poor health Dieter Adelmann died yesterday, following a heart operation. Adelmann was one of the most important figures in the European revival of the study of Cohen as an original philosopher and a Jewish thinker. Many of us are shaken by this loss. Dieter Adelmann's influence is evident in the work of many younger scholars. He was a natural teacher, a generous and learned man with an original and deep appreciation for the world from which Cohen hailed culturally, intellectually, and politically. Few others have been able to bring the legacy of Cohen's thought to life as Adelmann was able to do. We will miss him as an interlocutor and an inspiration. Our love and sympathy is with his children and friends.


Review of New Literature on Hermann Cohen

Michael Zank reviews Francesca Albertini, Das Verständnis des Seins bei Hermann Cohen: Vom Neukantianismus zu einer jüdischen Religionsphilosophie (Würzburg 2003) and Andrea Poma, Yearning for Form and Other Essays on Hermann Cohen's Thought (Dordrecht 2006) in The Jewish Quarterly Review, Vol. 98, No. 4 (Fall 2008) 566-573.