CFP: Hermann Cohen and the Visual Arts

Meeting of the Hermann Cohen Society in cooperation with the Max Liebermann Society (Berlin) and the Cohen Society (Coswig)

from the 15th to the 18th of June 2008 in Coswig (Anhalt)

The focus of the conference is Hermann Cohen’s relationship to the visual arts. Systematic interpretations of Cohen’s aesthetics are welcome, not least those that deal with the consequences of Cohen’s theory for contemporary debates. In addition, we welcome biographical or historical studies that put Cohen in the context of the aesthetic and artistic movements of his time.

Contributions in English and German are welcome. Scholars interested in submitting a paper are warmly invited to send a title and a short abstract of up to 300 words to the following address:

Dr. Hartwig Wiedebach,
Martin Buber-Professur für jüdische Religionsphilosophie
J. W. Goethe-Universität
FB Ev. Theologie
Grüneburgplatz 1, Raum BL-7
60323 Frankfurt/M., Germany

Original (German) version of the call for papers is here: http://www.hermann-cohen-gesellschaft.org/deutsch/veranst.htm